What’s your directory structure right?

Are you storing everything in a flat directory or do you have things organised by author or alphabetically by title?

I’m talking about the actual files on your storage, not the front end.

  • thirdBreakfast@lemmy.world
    5 months ago
    - fiction
        - Abbott, Edwin A_
            - Flatland
                - Flatland - Edwin A. Abbott.epub
                - Flatland - Edwin A. Abbott.jpg
                - Flatland - Edwin A. Abbott.opf
        - Achebe, Chinua
            - Things Fall Apart
                - Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe.epub
                - Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe.jpg
                - Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe.opf

    So in each directory that I use to delineate a library, I have a subdirectory for each author (in sort order form). Within each author subdirectory is a subdirectory for each book, with just the title, then the book with (edit - the anti-injection code mangled how I was trying to say the book file name. it’s [book name]-[author].[extension])

    I didn’t invent this, it’s just what Calibre spits out. When I buy a new book, I ingest it into Calibre, fix any metadata and export it to the NAS. Then I delete the Calibre library - I’m just using it to do the neatening up work.