A couple of years ago, IFTTT did a thing where they asked people to sign up to premium and they could pay whatever they like and could keep the service forever. I didn’t use many of the services, but thought it made sense to try and preserve something so useful for in case I did need it. In the meantime, I would allow it to check some RSS feeds and alert me when certain keywords came up.

Some time goes by and the ambitions of IFTTT grow, they now rename the service I pay for as Legacy. Seems ominous, but I’m only using it for RSS so nothing to worry about.

Fast forward to yesterday and I get an email to say that they’re moving me to a new premium service and doubling what I pay. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I hate when companies do this. Especially when they promised I could keep my old thing at the same price forever.

Anyway, since they’ve clearly lost their mind in the pursuit of AI supremacy, I may as well just host this myself.

So is there a self hosted solution for RSS where I can get notifications when some RSS feeds publish indiscriminately and others when specific keywords come up?

Something I can put in a Docker container on my RPi, set and forget.