I’m new to Soulseek. Got my Nicotine+ docker set up w/ VPN through gluetun. I’m good to go. Port forwarding is working correctly and I’m sharing a little over 100GB of flacs that I have ripped personally with EAC and a couple people have downloaded some of my stuff, which is really cool. I don’t have privileges rn.

But I there are a lot of albums that I’ve lost over the years that I see on SoulSeek. I want them. But I want to make sure I don’t get blocked or banned. So, say a person has 3-5 whole albums that I want. Is it proper to just download them all at once? I’ve seen things like this on one person’s profile page:

If you start browsing my share like it is a shop and queueing everything you come across e.g. whole artist folders, I will just remove you.

So a little guidance from this community would make me feel a little more confident?

    • owen@lemmy.ca
      4 months ago

      Exactly. And honestly, even being a leech is better than allowing the network to fade away IMO